Run Apache NiFi Docker on Mac M1

In my recent articles on Apache NiFi, I explained how to run Apache NiFi on Docker and Docker Compose. Recently I got a Mac Book M1 Pro machine from work and surprisingly I couldn't run Apache NiFi on Docker in Mac Book M1. Though the Apache NiFi binary deployment works fine on Mac M1 architecture, the official Apache NiFi Docker image does not support Mac M1 yet (at the time of writing this article). However, Chris Sampson a NiFi committer provided a script to build NiFI docker image that is compatible with Mac M1. This article explains, how to build Apache NiFi docker image on your Mac Book M1 and how to run it.

Disclaimer: Since this is not an official image, I recommend this method only for pipeline development and testing purposes.

Run Apache NiFi in Docker with SSL Enabled
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