Manage GitHub Actions Artifact Storage

If you are reading this post, I hope you have already faced the error: "Create Artifact Container failed: Artifact storage quota has been hit. Unable to upload any new artifacts". If not and if you are about to set up GitHub actions for your repository, read this article before you start to avoid facing the above error down the line.

Manage GitHub Actions Artifact Storage
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GitHub: the famous code hosting platform stretches beyond being just a hosting platform. GitHub Actions is one such addition that automates workflows in a repository. Though GitHub is generous enough to provide free storage and computing power, there is a limit on your free meal. For more details about the quota, refer to the official document.
ProductStorageMinutes (per month)
GitHub Free500 MB2,000
GitHub Pro1 GB3,000
GitHub Free for organizations500 MB2,000
GitHub Team2 GB3,000
GitHub Enterprise Cloud50 GB50,000
GitHub Quota

This article focuses on the storage limitation though similar precaution has to be taken on computation too. Let's say you have a pretty active development team or a community that keeps pushing changes every hour. Suppose your workflow builds an uber jar and packs them into docker containers using two workflow operations; you may choose to upload the uber jar to the artifact storage at the end of the build operation and download it in the deploy operation. However, if your account is a GitHub Free account (with a 500 MB storage limitation) and your uber jar size is around 100 MB, you can only have five artifacts in the artifact storage. If you didn't clear the previous builds, your sixth build will fail to upload the artifact with the following error: Create Artifact Container failed: Artifact storage quota has been hit. Unable to upload any new artifacts.
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