Install Scala the Old School Way

Finally, you found the place that shows you how to install Scala on Linux from binaries. Even the Scala's official website promotes installing on IntelliJ or installing using SBT. However, I prefer to install Scala the old school way using binaries for testing purposes because it gives me more control on what kind of changes are made on my system. For any hardcore development purposes, I do use Scala on IntelliJ Idea. This article explains how to install Scala using pre-built binaries.

Install Scala the Old School Way
Step 01:
Download the Scala binaries from the official website. This article uses scala-2.13.5.tgz as the example.

Step 02:
Open a terminal and change the directory to the /usr/local
cd /usr/local

Step 03:
Extract the downloaded tgz file
sudo tar -xvzf ~/Downloads/scala-2.13.5.tgz

Step 04 (Optional):
Rename the folder to scala.
sudo mv scala-2.13.5 scala

Step 05:
Enter the following command to open the environment variables file. Vim is used in the following command. Use your favorite editor to open the file.
sudo vi /etc/environment

Step 06:
In the opened file, add the following bin folder to the existing PATH variable.
Add the following environment variables at the end of the file:
After these changes, the /etc/environment file should look like this:
Save the changes and close the editor.

Step 07:
Log out the system and login again to apply the changes. If you cannot logout/restart the system, you may need to enter the following command in every new Terminal sessions to load the changes made to the environment file.
source /etc/environment

Open a terminal and enter the following command to check the Scala version:
scala --version

If you get the installed Scala version as the output, you have successfully installed Scala on your system. Feel free to comment below if you have any questions or suggestions.
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