Deploy and Upgrade Android Database From External Directory

After seeing the huge response for the Import and Use External Database in Android article, I have realized the importance of deploying Android database from external sources. The library used in the above article allows you to import database only from the assets directory. However, recently one of my readers, asked for a way to import and upgrade the database from SD card. As a solution for his use case, I have developed a new library named "externalsqliteimporter" which allows you to import database either from assets directory or from SD card. This article explains the application of this Android library using a sample application.

The ExternalSQLiteImporter library allows you to build your SQLite database on your desktop computer, and to import and use it in your Android application. This library has two separate ways to maintain your database.

This library is still under development. Deploying and upgrading  the database from an external directory is not secure as it is publicly available for third party applications as well. Use that feature with caution. 

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