RESTful CRUD With Java and MySQL in Minutes

I keep receiving so many requests for an article on how to access MySQL database from Android application. Even though Android applications can have direct access to MySQL database server, that is not preferred due to security issues and high complexity. The easy and best solution is developing a REST web service to receive the requests from whatever the client (including Android applications) and execute them on the database connected with the web service.

There are so many articles already available on the Internet about how to create a web service to perform Create, Read, Update & Delete (CRUD) operations on a database and how to connect from an Android client. However, I wondered why most of them are using PHP to develop the web service! I believe developers find PHP a less painful language to develop web services than Java. In this article, I am going to show how to develop a RESTful CRUD Web service with Java in minutes. As a matured language Java has enough frameworks to make your task easy. I guarantee that you will never look back for a different language once you know the tools.


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Android Studio 3.0 with Kotlin: First Look

The most awaiting release, Android Studio 3.0 has been released a few days back with exciting features including Kotlin and Java 8 support.  Even though developers were able to use Kotlin and Java 8 earlier, this time they do not need any extra configurations to enable them. This article explains how to create a hello world Android application using Kotlin.

Android Studio 3.0 with Kotlin: First Look

Wait... This is Java Helps but I am writing about another language! Am I running out of content? Of course Kotlin is a new language but still, it is running on top of Java Virtual Machine. Kotlin can be compared with Groovy in terms of how it compiles the code. Both of them produce the same binary code that every Java developer is familiar with. Therefore Kotlin is another baby joining the family of JVM languages but with different syntax and more features.

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