GitHub Pull Request - A Complete Guide For Beginners

Success of open source applications highly depends on the contributions from community. As a maintainer of two small open source applications, I have seen the power of such contributions. However, there are people who like to contribute but fail because of the technical barriers. This tutorial shows you a top to bottom step by step guidance on how to add a new feature to an open source application that is available on GitHub.

Safe Eyes is one of my open source application available for Linux users to prevent asthenopia (eye strain) due to RSI. This tutorial shows you how to contribute in updating the French translation of this application by sending a pull request.


  • GitHub account
  • Git (Install Git)
  • Atom text editor (You can use any text editors but I prefer Atom due to its support for GitHub)
Step 1: Login to your GitHub account and then visit the GitHub repository of your interested open source application. In this tutorial, I use

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