Is WSO2 CEP Dead? No! Here’s Why…

During the WSO2 Con US 2017, a major business decision is announced. Due to some business decisions, WSO2 promotes the Data Analytic Server (DAS) (They may change this name very soon) over the complex event processor. For those who haven’t heard about DAS even though it has been there for a long period, it is another product of WSO2 which contains the Complex Event Processor for real-time analytics and some other components for batch processing and predictive analytics.

WSO2 Smart Analytics

Then what is the future of WSO2 CEP?
Still, WSO2 CEP is available on their site but users are recommended to migrate to DAS. Since all the WSO2 products are developed using the same framework called Carbon and also due to their similar aesthetic design across all the platforms, the transition from CEP to DAS should be easy sledding even for the beginners. Let me repeat, DAS is a creamed version of CEP which provides all the features of CEP as it was in CEP and some additional features for batch processing. This short post is to announce that the existing articles about WSO2 CEP are not going to be outdated or useless due to this transition. You can simply download and extract the DAS pack and test all the features I’ve discussed so far using DAS.

Is WSO2 CEP Dead? No! Here’s Why…

If you still have confusion, just go and download the DAS pack from the official site. Extract the pack and start the server using the following command:
Go to the admin dashboard and you will see all the features of WSO2 CEP except the color of the top banner ;-)
Therefore, my upcoming articles about complex event processing will use WSO2 DAS not CEP.
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